Simply Morri..2015!

**Some time back I moved to a new blog–>Simply MorriNow I’ve moved my web site there as well. After a blogging sabbatical (sketchy blogging, at best), I hope to blog again. I had this set to private for a long time, but decided to make it public again. Perhaps my words on here concerning art..and life will help someone. I’m still on the art / life journey and loving every precious moment!!  

I think it is going to be a great energy year, and I am very eager to pick up the paint brushes again. Come over and see me over there! ♥ 

Good energies and happiest thoughts,

~morri (in times past.. gypsy-heart)


Goodbye…from this place.

Well, this has been a long time coming…alas, the day is finally here–I am really leaving! This past year has been a time of changes for me..such is the cycle of life. Yes?

You may remember some years back, I started working under and going by my nickname “Morri Most of you know I believe in connections and confirmations, and that remains true. I did not know when this all unfolded that the name is connected to Max H. Morrison, my beloved father! It means SO much more to me now, because we lost him on October 24, 2010, to cancer. I plan to do a post in his honor and about the name on my new blog soon. Needless to say, cancer is now added to my list of  causes/charities!

On the subject of art and my work…I had the solo show,”Secrets” on Oct 5. The evening was more than I hoped for, but most important it was great fun. Now I will be preparing for my next solo show entitled “Pieces, of Life” on April 15, 2011. It will be at the Thrasher Horne Center for the Arts (Lee Adams Florida Artists Gallery) . Some of the pieces we talked about on here now “live” with others. I finished commissioned work and have more to do…so I cannot complain, especially in our current economy.

Back to moving…

So unless something unforeseen happens, this will be my last post on gypsy-heart. I confess, I am a little sad about it…so boo hoo. I will be back here doing some housekeeping, as I need to tidy up a bit. I’ll be removing blog links in my side margin that go to no where, or that I lost touch with long ago. I’ll leave most of the others..we have a history here you and I. So if we don’t see each other on Imagined, facebook, twitter, or youtube, (whew..that is a lot of places!!), maybe our paths will cross again somewhere else in cyberspace or real life. You just never know since things are quickly changing and moving forward…

In the meantime..

Good and creative energies to all that come here..past or present!

Love, light, and laughter,


(oka..once known as..gypsy-hert)


Water Lilies II @Morri

36″ x 36″ acrylic wrapped/canvas (click on image to enlarge)

(update: sold)


The slender water-lily
Peeps dreamingly out of the lake;
The moon, oppress’d with love’s sorrow,
Looks tenderly down for her sake.

Hello all how are things in your worlds? I hope those of you in the US had a nice holiday weekend! I will try to make this another brief post.

First, I wanted to tell you the “Visiting Souls” reached a 100,00+ before the full moon! So as promised a name was selected and Bo Mackison will be receiving  a giclee’ print from me. Bo  is a wonderful photographer and writer. Her blog is seededearth and she is on facebook. After contacting Bo by email..I am very happy that it is to go to her. I feel it was meant to be her name, and the reasons go far beyond my little drawing. Life and all the connections are so interesting and wonderful when you stop and really think about it. We will be discussing which print as I plan to give her some choices..so I will let you know what she decides.

Let’s see what else is going on..well, I have been painting a lot for the upcoming solo shows and for some show submissions. I also finished a commissioned piece for a new business. I’ll tell you about that in my next post. Other than painting and gardening I’ve been working on the 1880 house. Needless to say, enjoying the beginning of summer here..to name a few things..magnolias, gardenia, zinnias, roses, morning glories, moonflowers, etc! Of course summer fruits and vegetables are appearing on my table. I even have a confession to make..I bought my first watermelon for this season on Friday. I only have a tiny bit left and I ate every bite save one small bowl I shared!  It was not a huge watermelon nor was it a small one either. ha, ha

Well, I best tell you about the Water Lilies II painting and send this out into the internet world! First, I must say I found this quote so beautiful..words expressing what I attempted to paint.  This is another piece that was in the spring show. I live in a world surrounded by water so water lilies are a familiar sight for me. I said before that I find the messiness of them endearing..a good metaphor for my life.

I have been chatting with some of you via email and on facebook. I even managed to visit a couple of blogs. I may try to make it a goal to visit one or two in the evening..just a quick peek into your lives and a hello if nothing else. I wish I did not require sleep or had five or six clones of me ..so “we” could do all we need and wish to do. I would even step aside letting one of “them” be the team leader! Don’t think that I have forgotten you..I still see your words in my mind…some of us were blogging friends for quite a spell and are still in touch here and on facebook. I still plan to do youtube I’ve had my morritime station for a few months now..I just need to do it ..maybe this weekend. Like I said before..I think I can run my mouth better than type. ha!

Well I leave you now, for a spell. I hope you are living like Heinrich’s water-lily description..

I hope you live dreamingly,

~Morri aka gypsy-hert

To inquire about Water Lilies II orginal or prints  or with any questions:

Feel free to email me at morrime@gmail.com or call West Shore Studios 904-269-1999

or contact:

Deb at The Village Gallery web siteemail or 904-264-7151


Tommy at River City Art & Frame  email or 904-647-7683


Sunflowers in a Jar © Morri

24″x 32″ acrylic/wrapped canvas (purchase info below)

(click on image to enlarge)


I appreciate flower shop bouquets,

but I find the most magic in fresh flowers from a garden..

mine or otherwise.

..and somehow

an old glass jar only adds to the magic.



Hello all..it has been far to long since I’ve been on here. I hope all is well in your worlds. Much going on in life..yours and mine, so I am going to try to keep this brief.

Well, summer is here, and I count sunflowers among my favorite summer flowers. Besides the symbolism of them, I love how big and bold they are..they demand attention in the garden like sun and moon do in the sky! Small ones are growing in my garden now, and each morning I look to see what changes came in the night. Hot summer days, sunflowers, and old glass jars go together…at least they do in my world. So I hope I managed to capture a little of the magic in this piece!

As for life..as of late, guru dogs (Ringo and Amber), and I have been in the studio a lot! Now don’t get me wrong I love being there, and so do they..but I am falling behind on other things. I have to prepare for those solo shows though, and I made a vow not to procrastinate this time!  Did I tell you..about 60 pieces total..and did I tell you I had an anxiety attack-middle of the night meltdown about it????  I did, but I got a grip on myself..as I always seem to do. So next time I write I’ll run the show titles by you..and I should have the dates confirmed by then.

I am getting ready to make some business changes too…yes, AGAIN! I keep thinking an art business manager, god, or goddess will appear in my life so I can focus only on painting and such. So far it hasn’t happened though I continue to hope. I have to believe when the time is right he/she/they will appear. At least, that has been such the case in my life thus far. Where are you magic business person..I am out here waiting for you!! Actually, “they” may have already appeared! :)

On another subject..I have not forgotten the print drawing (see “Appreciations post”)…the full moon is fast approaching. I have a special surprise in mind because our spring show went very well..and I am thankful! Also, there is something about this sunflower piece, and if someone figures it out there is a gift for them..separate from the drawing!

Well, I said I would be brief..so I leave you now, but only for a short spell this time. See you here and on my facebook pages (my facebook art page link is in the right margin)..on the full moon to announce the name drawn. Until then..

Look for me in the face of a flower..you’ll find me there.

Good and creative energies to all!

~Morri aka gypsy-hert

Ps A new small painting and a VERY short post at my other blog Little pieces of work.  Also, I believe I am almost ready to start my youtube chats. My station will be morritime. I think it will be fun and hopefully I can do it on a regular basis..I can damn sure talk faster than typing and creating blog posts…agreed? I’ll let you know when..I may chicken out. hee, hee




Wisteria Moon © Morri

24″ x 32″ acrylic/wrapped canvas

(click on image to enlarge)


Spring has returned…

the earth

is like a child

that knows poems.

~Rainer M. Rilke

Spring has returned..and once again, I feel like a child!  I hope all of you are experiencing your spring now too!

I painted Wisteria IV for the show I told you about in my last post, Water and Woods, again. It was painted in anticipation of spring and what “she” brings…such as wisteria blooms!  Well, the painting is hanging in the gallery and my wisteria is NOW blooming..and it is exquisite! Of course, a painting can not even come close to such real beauty…so MY anticipation is now APPRECIATION!

My time is limited today..so this will be brief. The show went very well..gorgeous weather and we had a good crowd! Some of my pieces were “adopted” by wonderful people and some more commissioned work. Needless to say, that made me happy! I learned a LOT from the experience..what to do and what NOT to do! :O

I recently found out about my solo shows..one is to be in the fall (October) and the other, next spring. Those are perfect times for me! Much, much more to tell you about those soon! I also want to tell you how “Morri” came to be, and why I will keep that name forever now!  (Some of you know I believe in connections..well, Morri is a connection to my father).

**Note: Before I go I want to tell you about a drawing. I am nearing 100,000 visitors on here, and for a long time I’ve wanted to show my appreciation for all of you. So I am going to have a drawing for an appreciation gift. Leave me a note here and your name will go in, and if you join me (or are already there) on my Morri facebook art page (the link is also in the right margin), and my friends facebook page..it will go in three times.  I will give away a fineart photoprint or a set of art note cards/envelopes. I am SO pleased with the new fineartphoto prints..my printer is amazing!  (More info about the choice soon). I think I will start doing this every few months or so…this time I will select this winner on May 27 (full moon :).

Well,  I need to hush for now. I look forward to hearing from you.

Good and creative energies to all,

A child in spring,

~gypsy-hert /Morri


Water and Woods, again..

Water and Woods, again © Morri

acrylic on wrapped canvas approx 11″ x 17″ (click on image to enlarge)


No matter
how long
is sure
to follow.
Did I select this simple, yet promising, proverb to remind myself that spring IS to come?  Well, it has been an unseasonably cold winter here. Even the old timers are saying they do not remember such a winter as this in Florida.
So yes, yes, YES, I am longing for spring and summer as I imagine most of you are too!
I hope you have managed to stay warm and productive. Beyond the normal things of life (both good and worrisome) and despite the cold…I’ve been painting and painting. Works in process for upcoming shows..one is on March 20 (first day of spring!!).  I have been working on new pieces (about eight so far), finishing up some, and revisiting others. Various sizes but all my subjects and palettes are of spring and summer..lots of green !  I guess you could say I have been stepping into spring..on the canvas and within the paint.
As you can see this is not a large piece and another of my water and woods scenes.  I am quite familiar with places as this, and soon I will be wandering  in such again. I do not think this is quite finished as I am not totally happy with it, but it is close. I apologize for the quality of the image..not sure why I could not capture it better. Maybe because it is unfinished. :)
Well, I know this is short and lacking in content, but ’tis all time allows me now. I also know I haven’t answered some of you on my last post, and I am behind on emails again…you are all most kind!  I plan to catch up soon. We won’t even talk about how far behind I am on visiting blogs! :O I have enjoyed chatting with some of you on facebook..that format suits me.. you can step in and out quickly. As of late, I seem to need that, and I can’t blame it all on busyness. Sometimes life resembles winter, and you simply want to be quieter..mind and mouth in dormancy for a spell. Allowing  the energies to stir quietly within, until it the time is right. Like spring following winter….yes?
Good and creative energies to you,

~gypsy-hert (aka Morri)


Ps I’ll tell you more about the March 20 show soon. It is with Gail, my friend, a pottery artist..I love her work!  I’ll also tell you about two solo shows ..I am not sure of the dates of those yet..possibly one this fall and the other in spring of 2011. Some commissioned work in the mix too..so at least I’ll have something to talk about! ta, ta for now.

*Note: I don’t know what happened on here with WordPress..I could not separate my paragraphs and I had other issues. ‘Tis frustrating to say the least!



Looking back, at me.

Looking back, at me. © Morri


 Painting palettes contain

the artist’s energy



an energy,


their own.


I often allow a palette to completely dry before removing it with the palette knife. I love to see how the remaining ribbons of colors weave in and out..forming a creation, of their own. Sometimes I find them even more interesting than the original paintings. Ha!  If I find them particularly interesting I’ll shoot it with my digital. Once in a while I see things that really surprise me…such was the case with this image.

Those of you that have a history with me know I often have faces and creatures appear in my work. You may remember the Yellow Moon Series..it’s on this page on my art web site:mixed media.

Anyway, I took a shot of this a palette and sometime later I viewed it to see some interesting things, including this face..looking back, at me.

Am I mad..or do you see it too?

 Hmmm…maybe ’tis simply my own imagination staring back at me. :)

Well, this will be brief today. There is much going on in my world (including some upcoming shows)!  As usual, my mind is filled with wild and imaginative energies..even more so, as of late. More about Morri and how that came to be, in time.

 I hope all is good in your worlds! I still enjoy hearing from you on here, emails, and facebook!  I’ll be back soon.

Good and creative energies to you,

~gypsy-hert (aka Morri)

Ps Here is the total image I shot (click on it to enlarge). I see another series in the making..of its’ own.  (Hint: look at the upper middle)

 Faces within the palette © Morri